Alison Cornell

My goals are to use clear communication and storytelling-based messaging to increase engagement for the organizations I care about, and to develop and streamline workflow and systems to support efficiency, accessibility, and support. In 2017, I completed my ALM in Museum Studies from the Harvard University Extension School, where I focused on outreach and communication. From my experience managing databases and technology, training and managing volunteers and front line employees, and managing external communications for organizations large and small, I am able to support museums and nonprofits in their missions. When I’m not working on engagement strategies for nonprofit organizations, you can find me wandering in the woods looking for birds or working on poems and short videos.

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Community Outreach

Sometimes, the simplest thing can make all the difference. For this response board, I combined unique and compelling questions with simple sticky notes to create a unique engagement experience for visitors at a contemporary art museum.

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Branding + Messaging Guide

I created this messaging guide to assist partners, fundraisers, staff, and volunteers in talking about an arts and education nonprofit’s mission and impact, while adhering to their style guide and focus on asset-based messaging.

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Appeal Letter

This annual appeal letter combines testimonials with a compelling narrative to drive supporters to give to an education nonprofit.

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Impact Report

This impact report uses testimonials, infographics, and a heartfelt appeal to demonstrate the value of an arts and education nonprofit to funders and supporters.

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Video Creation

A playlist containing several videos I made for an arts and education nonprofit. I have experience conducting interviews, filming programs, editing video and audio, and being a thoughtful storyteller when representing others’ stories.

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I developed this self-guided, inquiry-based tour for school tour groups, and designed a brochure that is easily printed, shared, and used by visitors of all ages.

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Museum Studies Capstone

If you have some time on your hands, read my ALM Museum Studies capstone paper, “Screen Skills: Adapting Responsive Art Museum Teaching Methodologies for use with Time-Based Media.” The paper is a best practices guide for creating useable, scalable programming for organizations working with film and video art. The appendix includes a sample educational program with open-ended questions, a sample tour, and hands-on workshops.

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